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Among its customers FCE Gomma Srl prides the collaboration with Italian and foreign companies that have the best technology and solutions applied to the production of doors, windows and shutters. The supply is not limited to the product but includes the design and the study of the most suitable gasket according to the needs of the specific customer application. The experience gained with foreign markets has allowed by FCE Gomma Srl to develop the knowledge of the most innovative systems for the surface treatment of seals, silicone-based and not..


  • EPDM compact/expanded
  • VMQ compact/expanded
  • CR


  • DIN7863
  • BS 4255
  • NF P 85301
  • UL94-VO-V1-V2-HB
  • DIN4102-1
  • DIN 5510
  • EN 45545
  • NF F 16 101
  • EN 12365

Rubber items:

  • Molded articles
    - Seals for portholes of industrial doors
    - Corners

  • Extruded items
    - Stopper seals
    - Co-extruded stopper seals
    - Glass stop seals
    - Co-extruded glass stop seals
    - Frame insulation seals

The items, shown above, are just some examples of the production capacity of FCE Gomma Srl. All our products are customized and produced exclusively on customer request. There are no available standard product on free for sale catalogs.

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