FCE Gomma Srl is able to provide materials according to Reach and Rohs regulations, on request, with IMDS data.
Among the materials used by FCE Gomma Srl there are numerous mixtures compliant and certified according to the different fields of application.


FCE Gomma Srl transforms all types of special rubber such as:

๏ Natural Rubber
๏ Polybutadiene
๏ Chloroprene
๏ Acrylonitrile, nitrile
๏ Hydrogenated acrylonitrile, nitrile hydrogenated
๏ Styrene
๏ Chlorosulphonated
๏ Polyacrylic
๏ Ethylene acrylic, carboxylate methacrylate
๏ Terpolymer ethylene propylene diene
๏ Fluorinated rubber
๏ Perfluorinated
๏ Silicon
๏ Fluorosilicone
๏ Polymethylphenylsiloxane
๏ Polyurethane from polyester



FCE Gomma Srl is not only a company in constant transformation, but it has the ambition to provide a service to the customer starting from the study and selection of the most appropriate type of mixture in relation to the specific request.

Laboratorio Reparto mescoli FCE Gomma

Thanks to the compound department, FCE Gomma Srl has been able over the years to develop its formulas with the collaboration of the most qualified international suppliers of raw materials.

From this point of view, the technical department of FCE Gomma Srl advances projects for research and development of new materials, always keeping up with technology.


Laboratorio tecnologico FCE Gomma

In technological laboratory of FCE Gomma Srl are made:

๏ Acceptance controls of incoming materials;
๏ Quality control on products made in the production departments (mixtures, molding, extrusion);
๏ Researches and tests aimed to create customized recipes, able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers;
๏ Advanced instrumentation and skilled technicians ensure accuracy and reliability in carrying of the tests.
๏ All the main tests to characterize the mechanical and chemicals values of rubber are conducted.